Number4 (foto)
NaamPeter Lonis
AliasThe Spinner
Genresminimal, techhouse, techno
Peter Lonis a.k.a DJ The Spinner / Number 4 started playing when he was at the age of 16.

Already started visiting parties when he was 14, he was always looking very close to the dj's playing there, and wanted to do that to. He bought some vinyl players and a mix table. After a lot of hours and hours of practice he recorded a demo and sended it to different organizations. After being invited to play at some local parties in Purmerend, The Spinner was seen by other several organizations who also wanted him to play at their parties. So The Spinner played in some bigger parties in Amsterdam en Zaandam. In 2008/2009 he became a Friday resident for Club Subway in Zaandam, one of the oldest famous underground spot for rave parties.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 9 januari 2016: On The Bus, Schuim, Amsterdam
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Tracklist Number 4 - Schranz off the vinyl

1. Kriz Miller - Dektronics
2. Alex Calver & J.Walker - Attack of the sennapods
3. Spark Taberner - Radiuses edges
4. Deadly Sins - Chapter one track 2
5. FL-X - Krudel
6. Alex Calver & J.Walker - Pain
7. Switchblade - The Hunt
8. Source Unknown - 9.8 M3
9. Spark Taberner & Oliver Clothesoff - Passion and warfare
10. Madman Stylez - Madman
11. Switchblade - Plastic
12. Spark Taberner - Skulls & bones
13. Noctilucence - Analraupe
14. Deadly Sins - Chapter one track 4
15. Marcel Costeau - A weekend in Spain
16. Spark Taberner & Salva Trucha - Straight from the hood
17. Orman Bitch - Do you like hiphop (Marco B. RMX)
18. Deadly Sins - Chapter one track 1

Length : 56:49