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Genresdrum & bass, techno
AirJ is a belgian drum and bass DJ & Producer.
First, he did a weekly radio show on the FM with friends of him between 2005 and 2007 which invited lots of knowns belgian DJ's in variated style including DNB.
He started djing and producing in 2007 and received supports from lots of DJ's.
AirJ plays very often with Sinecore (a part from Antichristus) in parties and have another project with him called "The Necroïd Project".
His first release was in 2008 on Mindsaw Rec. (AirJ & Peter Kurten: The Darkness).
Sometimes he works in collaboration with other artists like Kaiza, Brainpain, Killswitch, Malicious, Peter Kurten, Sinecore, T-Psy... and mades some remixes for Enduser, Mystification, Larrge, Antichristus, Peter Kurten, Sinecore, T-Psy...
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