foto Hardstyle Mafia
NaamJesse Jokinen & Kimi Niinimäki
Functie19 × DJ, 1 × ?, producer, groep
Lid van groepSpoontech Special
Gestoptdecember 2018
partyflock Hardstyle Mafia (17 mrt 2017)


Hardstyle Mafia A.K.A Jesse & Markus Jokinen, DJ & Producer duo from Finland. After several years producing Trance/Hardtrance, they started to produce Hardstyle in the beginning of 2005. This style is fresh, hard and rough, exactly the sound they wanna bring for the crowd!

Their own style is original, but still melodic and rough with fuckin' hard basses. With love to orchestral music, they like to combine hardstyle with classical elements. But always coming up with new ideas, bringing the sound to the next level..

They started to DJ in 2006, and the first bookings were at 2007. From the first gig to this day, they have always rocked the place and have left people mind blowed. And better yet, Mafia is always ready to strike again!

Uitgaansagenda Hardstyle Mafia

Laatste feest was op zaterdag 8 september 2018: Q-BASE, Airport Weeze, Weeze
30 maart 2013
Foto's, Madnezz, 30 maart 2013, MECC Maastricht, Maastricht

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Wat een helden op Loudness, hoop dat deze mannen vaker geboekt worden in Nederland!
Brilliant set on Madnezz.­ Love it!
Pithun­e/Mass Vibrant
absoluut geweldig _O_ !
Quakedance was great thanx to you :)
thanx guys on quake dance 2008!! master dj-set!! :D

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HARDSTYLE MAFIA !!!!!!!!! kijk, ZO hoort hardstyle te zijn !! lekker rauw !!

-fan for life-


Freakshow - Rotten Day
HSM vs Sasha F - Heaven Above
HSM - Ghost (New Version)
HSM - It Just Happens
HSM - Till The Roof Comes Off
HSM - X-Marks The Spot
Primax - Stompin (Freakshow vs Sasha F Remix)
Tauski - Yhden Rakkauden Tähden (Heidi Tietää Että Hardstyle Mafia Rakastaa Tauskia Remix)

ETC ...

_O_ _O_ _O_ _O_ _O_
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...Cause Hardstyle Mafia is running the Game! :)
Pure Hardstyle! Respect :respect:
Uitspraak van Frank :) op zondag 12 oktober 2008 om 18:24:

da's een fake titel :) ..

die track heet officieel "Stab U In The Back"

raita is enkel een finse benoeming voor "track", geen titel dus :)
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We are takin' over motherfuckers! B)
Hardstyle Mafia @ Summer Angel Festival, Oster Hurup, Denemarken ging flink los, nu op naar de eerste keer Nederland :respect:
Uitspraak van D-Nial op woensdag 15 oktober 2008 om 12:37:
nu op naar de eerste keer Nederland

QUAKEDANCE 2008 _- The 5th of December -_
Artiest Dualweilderz
echt geweldig die muziek van hardstyle mafia:D
Hopen dat ze naar Nederland komen.­
Uitspraak van Max vdw op donderdag 23 oktober 2008 om 01:05:
Hopen dat ze naar Nederland komen.­

kijk in hun agenda;) staat al event in nederland. quakedance;)
Now go Insane! (L)

Tauski - Yhden Rakkauden Tähden (Heidi Tietää Että Hardstyle Mafia Rakastaa Tauskia Remix) (L)

Hardstyle Mafia - Ghost

Hardstyle Mafia - Speakerkiller

Hardstyle Mafia - Spirits & Souls / Fuckoff Anthem

Hardstyle Mafia - Hostages

Hardstyle Mafia - 24

Whirl & Mayer - Heaven Above (Hardstyle Mafia & Sasha F Remix) [white label versie.. beter dan de gewone release!!) (L) Hardstyle Mafia - X Marks The Spot 01-hardstyle_mafia_-_rockin_da_place_(alphaverb_vs_intractable_one_remix) Hardstyle Mafia - Dust 2 Dust Hardstyle Maia - Go Insane (Original Mix) Hardstyle Mafia - Beg 4 Mercy Hardstyle Mafia - Final Protocol ( New Version ) Hardstyle_Mafia_-_Death_Becomes_A_Part_(05-57) Hardstyle_Mafia_-_From_Hell_(03-52) Luna___Deepack_-_Biological_Insanity__Hardstyle_Mafia_Remix_ Hardstyle_Mafia_-_Afraid_2_Go_(04-49) Hardstyle_Mafia_-_Breathe_(04-55) a1_hardstyle_mafia_meets_alphaverb_-_takin_over b1_hardstyle_mafia_meets_dj_sasha_f_-_heaven_above Hardstyle Mafia - Till The Roof Comes Off Hardstyle Mafia - Hide & Seek 02-hardstyle_mafia-rockin_da_place_(bazz_implant_live_edit)-homely Hardstyle Mafia - Stab U In The Back hardstyle_mafia_-_the_renegades hardstyle_mafia_-_who_wants_to_die Hardstyle Mafia - Every Fuckin Day 03-audio_damage-garlic_breath_tosser_(hardstyle_mafia_remix) 01-hardstyle_mafia-takin_over_(vocal_cut)-homely Hardstyle_Mafia_pres_Scarfaze_&_Jogzaw_-_x-tacy Hardstyle_Mafia_-_The_Moment_Of_Clarity Stephy_-_2_Asses___4_Titties__Mind_Hunterz_Vs._Hardstyle_Mafia_Remix_ Hardstyle_Mafia_Vs._Freakshow_-_Good_Night_[Hardstyle_Mafia_Mix]_(08-50)











Hardstyle Mafia - Battlefield

Hardstyle Mafia - Bangin
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Uitspraak van Abrikozenjam op woensdag 19 november 2008 om 14:17:
Hardstyle Mafia - Fuckoff Anthem
Hardstyle Mafia - 24
Hardstyle Mafia - X Marks The Spot
Hardstyle Mafia - Till The Roof Comes Off
Hardstyle Mafia - Hide &­ Seek
Hardstyle Mafia - Every Fuckin Day

_O_ jij snapt het
Boom &­ Blast!
Uitspraak van Antoine:9 op vrijdag 23 januari 2009 om 15:33:
Boom &­ Blast!

tegenvallende release :(

Vind sowieso de b-kant op die release veel beter (Stab U In The Back).. maar die kan je al ruim een jaar downloaden op verschillende sites.
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Uitspraak van Antoine:9 op vrijdag 23 januari 2009 om 15:33:
Boom &­ Blast!

Vindt t een MEESTERLIJKE track. maja, had t niet anders verwacht O:)
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Uitspraak van Pithune/Mass Vibrant op woensdag 4 februari 2009 om 13:46:
die track ragt juist hard, en op originele manier ook

Finnish Style B)
Deze jongens komen er wel :D
Hopelijk zijn ze er dit jaar weer op Quakedance :D
nieuw setje van ze!

Hardstyle Mafia @­ Toxicator Warm Up Show (28-06-2009)
1. Intro
2. The Beholder & Balistic - Hard Bass Extreme
3. Deepack - Down-Low (Hardstyle Mafia Sunrise Mashup)
4. Bazzleggerz - No Alternative 2009
5. ABW presents Gia - Sound Seducer
6. Evil Z - End Of Time (Mind Hunterz Remix)
7. Outragers meets Frywen - Fear (Hardstyle Mafia Remix) :respect:
8. Hardstyle Mafia - Save Me :respect:
9. Trilok & Chiren - Crime Vendetta (Mind Hunterz Remix) (Cut)
10. ABW presents Gia - Insanity
11. Roughmen League - Freak Like Me (Hardstyle Mafia Mix)
12. Hardstyle Mafia - Distorted Reality
13. Hardstyle Mafia - Control My Rage
14. Outragers meets Frywen - Spin It Back (Cut)

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deze stijl mag ik wel :yes:
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Control my Rage EP is ook weer lekker,

alle 4 wel :kwijl:
Hardstyle Mafia @ Gearbox 20-08-2010 (RHR)
01. Intro
02. Carnifex feat. TLM - Forever Hard (Hard Addicted Anthem)
03. Francesco Zeta - Moonlight Blue (Activator Remix)
04. Hardstyle Mafia - Till The Roof Comes Off
05. Hardstyle Mafia meets Burmax - Overcome (Flipside Anthem 2010)
06. DJ Rob - Boys Interface (The Beholder & Balistic Remix)
07. The Machine vs Sasha F - Self Esteem Fund (Hardstyle Mafia Low Self-Esteem Remix)
08. Chris One - Recruit
09. Hardstyle Mafia - Dedicated To The Most Hated
10. Intractable One - Dikke Bleek (Original Drum & Bleek Mix)
11. El Grekoz - Ayne (Hardstyle Mafia's Angel Of Mercy Remix)
12. Carnifex - One Day
13. Carnifex - For The New Shit
14. Art Of Fighters - Brace For Impact (Cut Edit)
An other fan since Kings of Hardstyle, keep up the good work!
Kimiiiii, Thanks for taking the picture with me in Eindhoven, you guys were awesomeeeeee <3
Can't get you back :kwijl:
Insane productions! Runnin', Arm Of Justice, Cold & Mean, Can't Get You Back, Raw Resistance, Till The Roof Comes Off and above all: Dedicated To The Most Hated :respect: to just name a few.
Really hope to see those guys performing in the Netherlands soon.
Hardstyle mafia - tick tock:)
Can't wait to see you guys 2x on Bass protocol , as HSmafia and freakshow!
Uitspraak van Jefba op woensdag 7 mei 2014 om 17:06:
Can't wait to see you guys 2x on Bass protocol , as HSmafia and freakshow!

Jaaaaaaaaa :o _O_
Artiest CRO
Cant wait to see you guys @­ Loudness this saturday! Love most of your songs
Looking forward to the set @­ Decibel Outdoor
What a set @ Decibel :o