Bizzare Contact (foto)
NaamDidy Ezra
Functielive act
Genresgoa, psytrance
Bizzare Contact is the the high energy, Full-On Psytrance alias of Didy Ezra, born in 1985 in the sunny city of Dimona, located in southern Israel. Starting at the early age of 13, Didy has been continually producing a wide variety of different psychedelic music styles. In 2004, after being completely captivated by Psychedelic Trance, he joined Com.Pact Records, one of Israel's most legendary Full-On Psytrance labels from that era. His debut album, "Plastic Fantastic" was released in April 2004 on Com.Pact Records. The album was a wild success, and Didy began performing around the world in destinations including: Japan, Brazil, Mexico, all over Europe, & of course his home country, and one of the great international Psytrance hubs, Israel...
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