foto Gare du Nord
Functielive act, band
Genresfunk, groove, lounge


Gare du Nord kicked off early 2001 when producers Doc (Lancee, Ferdi) & Inca (Fransen, Barend) were asked by a French promotor to deliver the soundtrack for a fashion & lifestyle event in Brussels labeled Excellence. Instead of going just for moody sounds and loungy atmospheres the twosome decided to go beyond synths and beats and composed a songcycle to express their contemporary interpretation of traditional delta blues. Excellence became Excellounge, excellounge became lounge and that kept Western Europe busy for quite a while. The debut album (in search of) Excellounge featured the hit single Pablo's Blues, dominated by the dobro rif of Lancee and the voice of legend Robert Johnson...

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Slecht bij gewerkte agenda hier op P.F.

24 Januari staan ze in Holiday Inn te Leiden :D
Tijdens de leidse Jazzweek


Date: Saturday 24 January
Holiday Inn
Haagse Schouwweg 10
2332 KG Leiden

Time Table:
20.00 - 21.15 Gare du Nord
22.00 - 23.15 Zuco 103
00.00 - 01.30 Candy Dulfer

Kaarten aan de deur kosten 40 euro, via 37, 50 (exl. fee)
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Ok, om jullie berichten compleet te maken.. 15 januari 2011 staan ze in Theater De Bond in Oldenzaal.. (F)