Sensient (foto)
NaamTim Larner
FunctieDJ, live act
Genresprogressive trance, psytrance
Sensient is one of the true innovators of the scene. He is the man behind Zenon Records - the label which spawned its own genre (Zenonesque). As owner/manager of Zenon Records, Sensient has access to the freshest of the fresh music from the entire roster of Zenon artists.

The prime selector for all Zenon Records output brings these same fine selection skills to his dj sets. He is known for his 3 hour + journey dj sets that move from psy-techno all the way through to pumping psy-prog. Performing his Dj sets from Ableton with an impressive set up of effects and controllers, the Sensient Dj set is guaranteed to deliver the absolute cutting edge of the Zenon sound.
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