Stavros Martina
23 november 2014
NaamStavros Martina
Functie109 × DJ
HerkomstNederland 🇳🇱
Genreselectro, house, latin
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Stavros Martina was born in Amsterdam, he has Greek and Surinam roots. Like every DJ Stavros was inspired by music when he was very young. Music from the late 90's made a great impression on him and he couldn't keep away from music equipment, always taking over the cd-players every chance he had.

While he grew up in Curacao and The Netherlands his love for music developed.

Because of his roots and influences, he created a natural feeling for sound and music. Stavros started to produce his own sounds and began organizing party's and events by himself. He got the hang of it, and from here Stavros expanded his musical qualities by spinning records at clubs in The Netherlands. From then on, now, and in the future, Stavros will be playing at great events together with great DJ's like Vato Gonzales, The Partysquad, Afrojack, Gregor Salto and many more. He is hosting his own events with the 'Onbekend' 18+ concept and 'Lolita' 16+ concept. His music productions are often demonstrated at The Drughouse events.

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Laatste optreden was op zondag 2 juli 2023: WiSH Outdoor, de Aa, Beek en Donk


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