Duane Franklin (foto)
NaamDuane Franklin Kerssenberg
Genreseclectic, hip hop, r&b, urban
SiteSite duanefranklin.com
BoekingenSite marschowortega.com
Duane Franklin Kerssenberg was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on December 15th 1984. He moved to Amsterdam in his teenage years and has been living there ever since. His father is a musician (guitar player) of several Surinam bands who released numerous records. Even today his father is still active as a musician. His mother listened to Music all the time leaving Duane no choice but to automatically grow up with Music. This is the reason to why his love for 'Swingbeats' is so enorm.

Back in 2002 Duane was visiting an event where he watched DJ Irwan & Tjainee-I performing...
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