foto SynnyS
NaamRuben Hulzebosch
FunctieDJ, live act
Lid van groep2Junxion
Genresacid, techno


SynnyS (Ruben Hulzebosch) was born in Hengelo in the eastern part of The Netherlands. Being raised with a lot of focus on music, he started making electronic music at the age of 12 after playing multiple instruments for years from the violin to a baritone saxophone in a bigband. In 1995 he got his first gig as a hardcore DJ. Known for his dark unique style he soon developed a passion for techno and acid a few years later. Meanwhile he was producing a lot of hardcore and techno. And in the late 90's it all became a bit more professional. In 2003 he discovered the power of scratching and turntablism and has been doing that a lot since then...

Uitgaansagenda SynnyS

Laatste feest was op zaterdag 19 september 2020: Twidl, Innocent, Hengelo

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