HerkomstDominicaanse Republiek
Genreship hop, reggaeton, urban
partyflock DJSosa (19 jan 2012)
DJ Sosa was born December 4th 1979 in the city of Santiago in the Dominican Republic. In 1987, age seven, Anderson V. Belliard Sosa moves with his family to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is not until 1994 that he returns to the country where he's born, for a five-week holiday. This holiday changes a lot for Anderson. Once he's back in the country of bachata and merengue music, he starts to develop much more interest for music in general. He returns to The Netherlands with a suitcase full of tapes with all sorts of latin music: salsa. bachata, merengue, reggaeton and spanish r&b.
Not long after that Anderson was asked to play some music on birthday-parties of friends and friends of friends...
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