Rico South (foto)
NaamRico Zuijderwijk
Genresclub, eclectic, house, r&b, techno
SiteSite ricosouth.com
Patience seems to be a virtue. While starting out as a substitute dj in a small dutch pub in 2006, Rico now has a promising career as a DJ and producer with international stature.
At a young age music influenced him. His mother performed as a lead singer in a jazz band and Rico used to play with the instruments during practices. This led to an early interest in music.

At the age of sixteen he started playing in a local Dutch pub. During his early time there he learned how to respond and adapt to the crowd and interact with them. He gained technical skills, and perhaps more importantly: the capability to create a balance between contemporary music and new musical influences; always making sure people 'just have a good time".
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