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Genresclub, electro, minimal

Uitgaansagenda Dominggos

Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 8 februari 2020: Darci's Mansion, Reverse, Rotterdam
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DEEEEE lauwsteee
Steff Jaspers
deze man is een mooiboy

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en sowieso de gruwelijkste!!..
Once upon a time there was a little boy, who didn't know how to play the piano but did get hooked on the turning tables. Born and raised in Rotterdam this city inspired him even more in his journey through electronic music. His love for music and talent for entertaining are the key to his succes.

Dominggos started to play in public in 2000 as a garage DJ and presented himself more and more in the electronic scene over the years. He started to conquer the scene of Rotterdam and played in clubs like Maassilo, Nighttown and Ministry of Sound. Not only the clubs became to know Dominggos, but also the massive crowed during FFWD (Fast Forward Dance Parade). When his style developed more and more into house, his success raised to international levels.

When the time went on so went Dominggos and he found true love in slow grooves and deep beats. Besides that this energetic DJ is a big fan of hi-hats and vocals in records. With diverse experience and knowledge he knows exactly what his audience needs.

As a resident of Tunnelvisie (Catwalk club) and Elements (Waterfront) Dominggos will keep on doing the thing he loves the most, playing for audience. In the future we will see more from this talented guy. Kicking stages, moving masses of people and playing happily ever after.