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Laatste feest was op zaterdag 8 februari 2020: Darci's Mansion, Reverse Club, Rotterdam
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Steff Jaspers
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en sowieso de gruwelijkste!!..­
Once upon a time there was a little boy, who didn't know how to play the piano but did get hooked on the turning tables.­ Born and raised in Rotterdam this city inspired him even more in his journey through electronic music.­ His love for music and talent for entertaining are the key to his succes.­

Dominggos started to play in public in 2000 as a garage DJ and presented himself more and more in the electronic scene over the years.­ He started to conquer the scene of Rotterdam and played in clubs like Maassilo, Nighttown and Ministry of Sound.­ Not only the clubs became to know Dominggos, but also the massive crowed during FFWD (Fast Forward Dance Parade).­ When his style developed more and more into house, his success raised to international levels.­

When the time went on so went Dominggos and he found true love in slow grooves and deep beats.­ Besides that this energetic DJ is a big fan of hi-hats and vocals in records.­ With diverse experience and knowledge he knows exactly what his audience needs.­

As a resident of Tunnelvisie (Catwalk club) and Elements (Waterfront) Dominggos will keep on doing the thing he loves the most, playing for audience.­ In the future we will see more from this talented guy.­ Kicking stages, moving masses of people and playing happily ever after.­