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Double U Jay (foto)
NaamWouter Janssen
partyflock Double U Jay (17 jun 2013)
Instantly triggered by the versatility of the techno genre, Wouter aka Double U Jay started buying his first records in 2004. Extremely motivated to discover the art of deejaying he started practicing. This motivation quickly led to the first bookings at the Koloso club (Cherrymoon - Lokeren). This is where he discovered how to get the crowd's attention and how to get a floor in motion - playing numerous warm-up sets and later on performing at peak time.

In 2008 the giglist expanded with performances at major parties in Belgium such as Bassleader, Evolutionz NYE, Pro-Jekt and Laundry Day. But most importantly, in November that year the one and only DAVE CLARKE selected him to open the Red Room at the infamous I LOVE TECHNO event in Belgium - claiming that his mixes 'told a story' and 'he deserved it'. A dream come true, at the tender age of 22.

The following years would not only get him playing at gigs in the whole of Belgium but also abroad - spreading his signature energetic techno sound. Getting involved to kickstart the techno-scene again in Belgium is also key… think BASIK, Liberty White, Hertz, Area 51… with numerous passages at above mentioned concepts - Double U Jay fully supports the newly emerging scene.

It has become clear that the main focus is and always will be on deejaying, being an entertainer, getting kicks out of creating combo's and being in control of an audience waiting for your next trick, track or move. However, producing has become a true must in the current music scene. Therefore he partnered up with likeminded music enthusiast Michael Sense to create sounds to use in his sets.

Constantly on the move and trying to re-invent what he's doing... the next step is creating his own music and of course the necessary edits and tools for one of his energetic dj sets. Expect some of the first BASIK grooves soon...

Till then, see you on the dancefloor… no nonsense… just techno!
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deze kerel heeft mijn avond zwaar goed gemaakt in koloso :respect:

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Supervette setjes elke keer weer!!
lekker gevarieerde techno sets van dit talent :)

Op bassleader, nice man! keep it up!
Looking Forward @­ Bassleader!
Ook al een wouter Janssen, dat is al de 3e DJ als ik me niet vergis :D
Wouter Janssen (Walt/Showtek)
Wouter Janssen (Jones) (uit NL) ;)
Wouter Janssen (Double U Jay)
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