foto Alex Bau
NaamAlex Bau
FunctieDJ, producer
Genreselectro, techno


Getting spiced on the floor! Anybody out there not really being interested in? We don't think so, in times of unified, exchangable music there are numerous people interested in getting something more than a "Klick" here and "Klack" there. And exactly for those of you, Alex' music is surely the right soundtrack being far away from music which sounds like it is produced by standard-software on a standard pattern, only for being more fashionable and mass-compatible. Alex Bau is the right guy, his music ranges is nothing less than high quality techno, additionally spiced with added drummings and sounds which are one more step on the way to make the mix unique and flowing...

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Laatste feest was op donderdag 14 mei 2020: Rave Alive

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Lekker setje gisteren in Roosje, knalde goed!
Organized Mess
Dacht al veel vette shit gezien te hebben maar wat kan deze man beuken!
Bart :banana:
Techno zoals techno hoort te zijn!
Wat heb ik genoten van zijn set op Awakenings Eindhoven
Echte techno!

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Koning :respect:
Dikke producties! :yes:
clr podcast 055 diepe duistere shit, heel dik
laatste aanpassing
Op edit draaide die echt zeer goed setje!
heerlijke nummers!
Alex will play @­ Royal Event Center - Würselen/Aachen 19th of January 2013! BIG VENUE BIG PARTY!!!