NaamVernon Tam
Alias2 Fast
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Magnify started with mc'ing under the name: MC 2 Fast. He was mostly influenced by international artists such like: Tupac, Biggie, Jay-Z and Michael Jackson. Around 1999 he decided to be a little bit more serious with music and started developing his lyrical skills. His goal was not to be an MC that flows strictly over Hip Hop beats, but one that flows over the sounds of Drum and Bass, UK Garage and House music. And he did, he rocked many different events alongside DJ's like: Erick E, Laidback Luke, Roog and Benny Rodrigues.
It didn't take long before 2 Fast extended his lyrical skills with some mixing skills. He began spinning house music under his alter ego: DJ Magnify. He has shown his tricks successfully at many clubs in Holland...
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