1 februari 2014
NaamSimon Cranny
Functie36 × DJ
Leeftijd55 – 56
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk 🇬🇧
Genreshardcore, UK hardcore


Sy started djing professionally in 1989 playing hip-hop, soul and house. He gained a residency at a nightclub called Venus in Nottingham in 1990 whilst still at university. The night became legendary, and because of this he was booked at events all over the Midlands, such as Nemesis in Leicester, Amnesia in Coventry, Time in Birmingham and at The Eclipse (the ravers' mecca!)

Having gained a name as a Dj with a style of mixing that was unique to the newly born rave scene, other promoters such as Dreamscape, Helter Skelter, Obsession, Fantasia, Interdance and Perception included Sy on their line-ups. Club work all over the country and abroad followed and helped to establish his reputation as the "Scratchmaster".

Uitgaansagenda Sy

Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 6 april 2024: Rezerection, Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh


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scratchmaster Sy :D
Masterlijke set @ GE

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Sy & Unknown team up for the best of the past and the future
Artiest Lenn
meende dat ie from the U.K. kwam???
Sy komt uit the UK :)
hehe- I love how most of the Uk hardcore Dj's are from every country but the Uk! ;)

Yeah love Sy! x
Artiest {SHOWLIST artist 43992, 69091}
Sy & Unknown - Innovate & Stimulate
Sy & Unknown - Keep The Crowd Jumping

awesome tracks!!!