foto Storm
NaamCarl Billsborough
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
GenresUK hardcore


UK Hardcore / Happy Hardcore's most famous and notorious stage entertainer and MC/Host: Storm has a stage presence that most live music artists strive to attain combined with a natural rapport with the dance floor, able to handle crowds of any size from Small Underground remote rave dens to 20,000 at EDC, USA.

While Storm MC's and hosts up and down the UK every weekend, he is no stranger to the International circuit with multiple tours under his belt in USA, Australia, Canada, Japan and Europe.

Storm is without doubt at the top of his game, and always ready to prove himself week-in-week-out with fresh rhymes, his trademark vocal scratch and holds a special relationship with the ravers on the dance floor.

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kinderseks dader
You sure as hell know how to keep the crowd jumping!

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Alistair Storms a Dj aand producer- hehe- someon's got the storms the wrong way around :( x
storms kinderseks dader