Bass Generator
10 augustus 2020
NaamGuy Kneeling
Functie50 × DJ, producer
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk Verenigd Koninkrijk
Genreshardcore, oldschool, techno


"Bass Generator" was a Dj, based in Newcastle (UK), famed for being at the forefront of the 1990's Scottish Hardcore/Bouncy Techno scene.

He started Dj'ing in 1987, produced his first record in 1989 starting the label "Bass Generator Records" in 1990. Became resident Dj for the legendary Rezerection in Newcastle in 1991 then stormed into the Scottish scene in 1992. Voted by the only "independent" poll as #2 best Hardcore Dj behind Carl Cox in 1992, taking top spot in 1993 & 1994.

Popularity surged and he secured bookings and residencies at the almost all of top Hardcore events in the U.K. from the small clubs to the massive outdoor allnighters.

Started "Judgement Day" events in 1993 and released the anthem "The Event".

With the help of Scott Brown's early releases: (Lord of Hardcore/Genetik), Bass Generator Records went on to release over 40 singles up to 1997.

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