NaamJoost Kosir
partyflock dirty brown visuals (25 nov 2013)


Dirty Brown Visuals is a Netherlands based A/V-art and motion graphics studio specialised in VJ-ing and video content creation and managing. Starting out around 2000 with our first animations and live visuals we have continued to update our skills, style and mentality. Our aim is to provide the best (live) visuals possible with our ten years of experience in branding through motion-graphics, content creation, stage concepts, no-nonsense productions and video operating knowhow.

Being well known for delivering livid, colourful and hyperdynamic visuals around the globe, we can match the concept or atmosphere of any possible event with our database of thousands and thousands of our own video's, loops and custom created visuals.

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One of the best underground veejays to ever cross this planet:):)

Big UP!!!!
Absoluut geen standaard VJ Dat maakt hem UNIEK

Mooie beelden en snel op de muziek beter kun je niet hebben
Joo wtf waren dat voor nazi en gay porn visuals op PrsPct??
Uitspraak van T-ERROR op woensdag 26 december 2012 om 18:13:
Joo wtf waren dat voor nazi en gay porn visuals op PrsPct??

dat was juist prachtig!! ik mis het elke prspct weer...

breng het terug please :)

past precies waarvoor PRSPCT staat!!