Mario Più
5 augustus 2023
NaamMario Piperno
Functie19 × DJ, producer
HerkomstItalië 🇮🇹


Mario Più is a dj-producer from Livorno. He loves motorbikes, especially Harley Davidson ones, but he loves music so much that it's become his job too. Mario is a professional dj who was able to remain on the European music scene for over than ten years. His unmistakable sound has had an evolution, from the techno sound, well, house and electronic sound. And don't forget that Mario is one of those famous Italian djs from Toscana who gave their contribute to the techno sound confirm, with the Insomnia and the Bxr Superclub. Among his greatest successes we can remember "Mas Experience", "No Name", released with Mauro Picotto, "Dedicated" and the collaboration with More for "All I Need", "Sexy Rhythm" and "4Ever With Me". Then "Communication (Somebody Answer The Phone)", the track released with a gsm cellular interference, which conquered first the top of the Italian charts, it was remixed by Yomanda and finally it reached the 5th position in the Uk Sales Charts...

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