NaamJair van Kruijsdijk
AliasLake Avalon
Genresdeephouse, disco, indie, nu disco, progressive
Jair was born in Bogota, Colombia but moved to the Netherlands as a little kid together with his two sisters. Jair discovered the art of music at a very young age due to his father who played several instruments. Because of that, music always played a big role in his life. It was no surprise that at the age of 20 Jair discovered that you can not only listen to music but you can also play music as a DJ. A new love was born and Jair started to work on his DJ skills. Years later his DJ alias was born, Shimmer. Since then Shimmer has played gigs at festivals like Dance Valley, for organisations like Pleinvrees and in clubs like Escape, Mazzo, Barkode, Chicago Social Club and Undercurrent...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 16 oktober 2015: Click, WesterUnie, Amsterdam
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