foto Raw State
NaamAndre Tschoffa
FunctieDJ, live act
AliassenThe Riotudder, Totschläger
Genresspeedcore, terror


In the year 1993 I first came in contact with hard electronic music and this was the point I knew, I have to do the same. After some senselessness with my C64 and an Atari 1040ST without the right software, it was time for a PC. In the following years I got more and more inside of electronic music.
After some illegal parties, together with friends we planned bigger hardcore and techno parties in Zoro, Leipzig with up to 300 people.
2000 I started my label LTS Records for some Hardcore Stuff and also started to release on other labels like Strike, Kellermusik, Miditonal, B2K, Bad Back and more.
As RDR I became resident act in the legendary club 10/40 in Leipzig at 2003...

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Laatste feest was op zaterdag 25 augustus 2018: Anormal Sound Attakk, VOID, Berlijn

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r_AW state :yes:
Unsolved Mystery
Lekker @­ r_­AW
Wat ging 'ie HARD los @ r_AW :respect: :bounce:
Goeie alias!
Rauw Kind
Rammen @ r_AW zeg!!! :respect:
You shitkickin stinky smelly mf you !! (y) :D en usr016 b) :bounce:
Raw State.­ Geniaaal gewoon! Heb die cd samen met RAM helemaal grijs gedraait.­

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Dj Totschlager8)
The Riotudder :P
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Heldenmuziek :respect:
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the KUNG FU man :woep: heerlijk nr is dat zeg!!!(l)
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Raw State - Killer op Strike Records is een legendarische track.­
Running the show better :P
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