Pépé Bradock (foto)
NaamJulien Auger
Genreshouse, techhouse
Parisian DJ, producer and remixer, Julien Auger began his musical career by learning guitar at the age of 14 and playing with various Parisian jazz/funk bands. It was around this time that he began DJing with a few different hip hop bands and also started to produce his first tracks for them.
As raves became larger and more popular in the early 90s, Pepe discovered techno and house music. His first two records were released on BPM Records under the 'Trankilou' moniker, before he changed his name to Pepe Bradock. His musical influences range from jazz to dub reggae which culmulates in his hypnotic production style.
Pépé Bradock has done remixes for New Jersey's Blaze, Cassius, Alex Gopher amongst many others...
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 21 december 2014: Tom Trago Weekender, Trouwamsterdam, Amsterdam
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