Gilton Franklin
Blacklist · 31 januari 2009
NaamGilton van Friderici
FunctieDJ, MC
Gilton van Friderici, better known as DJ Gilton Franklin, started 15 years ago with a cassette deck and a record player.
He grew up with the soul show of Ferry Maat, in which the "Bond van Doorstarters" was very popular.
This "Bond van Doorstarters" is a mixture of 12-15 minutes in which you can put all your talent and qualities, regarding to mixing.
The style / genre which Gilton played in the beginning was "Urban" (RnB and Hip Hop). When he noticed the audience was also open
to other styles, he added: Pop, Rock, Disco, Latin and Club-House. Thus he gained a good and broad base for the "eclectic style",
which is very popular on several festivals at the moment. The mix style which is used is surprising and refreshing...
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He Gilton,

Ik heb geweldig genoten afgelopen zaterdag, je draaide weer top!
Spreek je snel weer,
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