foto Vekx
NaamKeven Schumann
FunctieDJ, producer
Lid van groepSvaiy & Vekx
Genreshouse, techhouse, techno
partyflock Vekx (6 dec 2013)


Keven Schumann a.k.a. Vekx is a dj and producer from the South of the Netherlands. Ever since he got in touch with house music he truly got addicted.

Vekx started dj-ing in the late 90's and developed his own skills and technique. He started playing funky house and electro house music. Only a little later he found his true sound in the more underground deephouse and techhouse music. The sound of Vekx is a fusion of quality house, deephouse and techhouse. Due to his passion, enthusiasm and music style Vekx is playing regularly at parties and festivals in the South of The Netherlands.

Uitgaansagenda Vekx

Laatste feest was op zaterdag 25 augustus 2012: Out-Rageous Festival 2012, Festivalterrein Leveroy, Leveroy

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Richard Wolters
Deze bink heeft talent in zn kurpert!!!!
Veel publiek of niet, Vekx gaat los :D(Y)