foto Sorgenkint
NaamJochen Peuyn
FunctieDJ, live act, producer
AliasThe Turntable Fukka
Lid van groepWildboyz
Genresacid, acidtechno, techno


Jochen Peuyn aka Sorgenkint (in english problem child) was born 1982 in Willich, Germany. Already in the early days as child he noticed that he is highly interested in music. After the dead of his brother in 1995, he started to learn guitar which his brother left him. He spent a lot time with his guitar and music, and he began to understand, admire and play music of all kinds of style. Nowerdays Jochen plays guitar, drums, bass guitar and keyboard and is a real multitalentes musician. In the beginning he was mor addicted to Crossover, Metal and Hip Hop, but soon he discovered ACiD music...! That was the start of his career as Sorgenkint and after he bought a groovebox, his main target was to play ACiD TECHNO as Dj and Live...
3 augustus 2012
Foto's, Nature One, 3 augustus 2012, Raketbasis Pydna, Kastellaun
28 juni 2008
Foto's, Ruhr in love, 28 juni 2008, Olgapark, Oberhausen
7 januari 2006
Foto's, Filthy Filterz II, 7 januari 2006, Metropool, Hengelo

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Hate Division
Stupid arrogant idiot ...­with no kickin Sound
Sorgenkint = rock 'n roll! :cheer:

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