NaamThomas Krass
FunctieDJ, producer
HerkomstPolen 🇵🇱
WoonachtigDuitsland 🇩🇪
Genresdark techno, hypnotic techno, progressive house, progressive trance, psytech, psytrance


Tomasz aka ToK'Ra their journey into the world of Progressive, Psy & Goa music. They initially attended a Goa event at a young age and immediately felt a connection to the music, finding fulfillments and strength in it. After years of immersing themselves in the music and attending various events, they realized that simply listening was not enough for them, and they had a desire to be a part of creating the music themselves. In 2020, they acquired turntables and began their DJing journey. Drawing inspiration from their experiences at different events, they decided to found their own event series called PsychedelicEvolution in 2022, aiming to create a space where music can thrive in a great ambiance. The author believes that DJing is about conveying the feeling that progressive and psy music brings - a feeling of freedom, warmth, and indescribable goodness. Additionally, they mention discovering a love for peak drive and hard techno in 2022, further expanding their passion for music.

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