NaamKillian Peeters
Functie2 × DJ
HerkomstBelgië 🇧🇪
Genresdrum & bass, retro house


Oblivion aka Scooby is a fast rising DJ star and a teammember of In2events. He has mastered different musicstyles and is very versatile. His main intrest goes to Drum and Bass music but he also has a soft spot for Retro House Music. He will be stepping out of the shadows and into the light and perform - for the very first time) for a live audience on our In2retro, back to (oldskool edition.

Accompany Oblivion on the 10th of September 2022 at the start of his journey to the DJ-top and dance the night away to his overwhelming retro tunes!

Uitgaansagenda Oblivion

Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 14 juni 2024: Gatekeepers, PKHS, Tilburg


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