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Ed Noodle
8 februari 2022
NaamEdwin van Dalen
Functie12 × DJ
HerkomstNederland 🇳🇱


Deep grooves, bass and percussion blended in a tribal mix, that's what gets Ed Noodle going. From downtempo sets at sunset or sunrise, to uplifting organic blends taking you into the night: in any case the goal will be to keep you dancing with prehistoric power.

Ed is at his best when he takes the time to tell a story, relying on the right tracks and buildup for that exact place and moment in time. A craft he honed at AfrikaBurn and Midburn, which fit his sound and energetic presentation like a glove. To top this all off, the experience of playing on the playa catapulted him to a next level. With more and more gigs coming his way, and setting the first steps into producing music as well.

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