foto Marvelous K
NaamKenneth Narain
Genreseclectic, hip hop, house, r&b, urban
partyflock Marvelous_K (20 feb 2011)


Marvelous K (Kenneth Narain) is known in the Netherlands for his many bookings, each week around the country. The biggest parties and best clubs are more than familiar with his energetic sets and rotary exceptional qualities.
The last 3 years, Kenneth locked himself up virtually every weekday day in his studio, where his skill in music production slowly but surely grew.
Thick mash-ups became true floorfillers and his own track, "Je weet zelluf" got airtime on MTV and 2 other tracks appeared on the compilation CD's from Chuckie's 'Dirty Dutch'.
Meanwhile, Kenneth clearly found his own style, and his tracks are supported by some of the biggest names in the Dutch House scene...

Uitgaansagenda Marvelous K

Laatste feest was op vrijdag 8 januari 2016: Evolver, Cinéma, Rotterdam

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party rocker!!!!

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moet nog een beetje ontdekt worden , maar eigelijk gewoon de beste eclectische dj van ons land!
zowiezo degene met het meeste lef wat muziekkeuze betreft !