29 november 2022
NaamJames de Bruin
Functie16 × DJ
HerkomstNederland 🇳🇱


JAYMZ is a Rotterdam-based techno DJ and has a big heart for the underground rave scene. He started DJ'ing in 2019 when he bought his first DJ deck. After that, he made some very long hours in his bedroom to keep on practicing what he loves doing the most. He developed his passion for techno into his daily business.

He started his DJ career in 2020 with a Livestream for ADE. After that, he got the chance to play at several underground raves where he created his own sound. JAYMZ is known for his groovy, hard techno style. He is always trying to exceed the limits of himself and the crowd. All his sets are crafted in order to take dancers on a journey full of groove. His mission is to share his passion and joy with every soul on the dance floor.

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