Manone (foto)
NaamMartijn Lernouldt
FunctieDJ, live act
Leeftijd35 - 36
Manone was born in 1982 in Kortrijk Belgium. At the age of 14 he caught the techno bug while listening to Radio Galaxie, a local French radio with 24/7 electronic music.
After 3 years of admiring the techno sounds of the biggest techno producers, he started deejaying at a local radio station with his great mentor dj Psytox (coincidence records).
After the radio madness, Manone kissed the mainstream sounds goodbye and began a quest for a more specific and addictive sound. The search paid off with finding Cyclone, a record shop where he finally found his kind of hard and bleepy music.
In the same year he started his residency at Le Must, a small discotheque in Kortrijk. Thanks to this residency Manone started to play on parties all over Belgium.
In 2003 he joined his friend Moddi 's organization, called Footworxx which was one of the most popular hardtechno events in Belgium. In 2006 Manone stopped the Footworxx adventure which Moddi continues. In 2008 he thought that it was time to take a break for a while.
Now, Manone is back, and he's doing it live!
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 26 juli 2015: Tomorrowland, Schorre, Boom
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