Jacco Borggreve
28 augustus 2019
NaamJacco Borggreve
Functie1 × live act
HerkomstNederland Nederland


Jacco Borggreve is a Netherlands-based new media and performance artist who has used implants, biomedical sensors, data-exhibitionism and automated processing to research the quantified self, data-ontology, death, self, unity and the body. He became national news after using his implant to broadcast his location in a performance that lasted eight months. This performance lead to participation in an ethics committee regarding citizen surveillance and smart-city development for the Dutch government. He was a guest curator for a series of exhibitions in Lil' Amsterdam Gallery, his work was awarded the Trias Innovationis prize for Art & Science by QAQS. The artist collaborated with the University of Twente on a series of projects regarding citizen participation and multiculturalism.

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