13 februari 2020
NaamCédric ter Linden
Functie10 × DJ
Leeftijd27 – 28
HerkomstNederland Nederland
Genresdark techno, industrial techno


C3C is a 22 year old Producer, DJ & Graphic designer, managed by Cédric ter Linden based in the Hague, Netherlands. Introduced to the music-world at a young age. Started a few years later experimenting and working on music with very primitive equipment. Later on, he also bought his first DJ-set to practice his mixing skills next to his producing skills. His passion for music is very wide and comes together in very different genres. Processing all the inspiration from these different genres into the music he loves most to Listen, Produce and Mix; Dark/Raw/Industrial Up-tempo (145+BPM) Techno beats.

Running along in the techno-scene for a couple of years also drived him to start up his own music career instead of just making music out of passion and only sharing it with friends and acquaintances. He is also aiming now for his own Live performance in the future. Expect a powerful, hard/raw up-tempo techno set when C3C is behind the decks.

Uitgaansagenda C3C

Laatste optreden was op zondag 22 oktober 2023: MOVE, Maïa, Amsterdam


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