foto Heideroosjes
NaamMarco Roelofs, Frank Kleuskens, Fred Houben & Igor Hobus
Genrespunk rock


Survived 30 years of rock 'n roll without any lineup changes?
won a Dutch Grammy Award for a single the radio wouldn't play?
had an album in the charts for more than half a year?
did nearly 1500 shows in throughout Europe, the United States, Japan and South Africa?
Made a song together with the mayor of Maastricht about legalizing weed?
Toured with punk bands like The Offspring, The UK Subs and The Misfits but also played with the classical Metropole Orchestra?
Got their sarcastic song "Jerry Rules" played in the world famous TV show 'Jerry Springer'?
Had Motörhead legend Lemmy Killmister doing a spoken intro on one of their songs?
Made a song in 2004 that got partly ripped by popdiva Lady Gaga in 2011?

Uitgaansagenda Heideroosjes

Laatste feest was op woensdag 6 oktober 2021: Heideroosjes, Paradiso, Amsterdam
21 april 2019
Foto's, Paaspop, 21 april 2019, De Molenheide, Schijndel