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Party agenda Nightmare
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 22 juni 2013: Let me love you, Victorie, Alkmaar
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zeer goed!!

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sorry maar heb deze "man" aan het werk gezien en was verre van excellent hoor
en het onsportief gedrag op gabberplanet zegt ook genoeg, het "gehekkel" op andere dj´s is gewoon kinderachtig dit is spijtig genoeg meer te zien op de italiaanse hardcore scene...
dit is GEEN muziekliefhebber....:bye:
markoooo! :D
La-Voice proberen zwart te maken, met dingen die niet waar zijn.­

Eerst slijmerig tracks aan hem vragen, en daarna hem ten schande zetten.­

Stomme pizzavreter.­
After a lot of time i found my partyflock password again,and 'm here just to make 3 little clarifications:

1.To be honest i don't know why i was signed as dj performance on the 22th june 2013 in the "Let me love you" party at Victorie in Alkmaar, or maybe,that "Nightmare" was not me and surely who made the event here on pf,made a little mistake or he was confused ;)

2.About what "Freakandel speciaal" said, it's an opinion of her refered to something (a long story,and not for my fault) happened now many years ago,in Italy,but the things are changed, and also her (and her boyfriend) could experience that in the hc scene in Italy.. where (unfortuntely) the "mafia" is not just in the criminal way,most in the south of Italy,but also in music,in parties organization and many other things related to this..but i just wanna say to her that i love this music since the far 1993, when 80% of the people in Italy didn't absolutely know what hardcore was at that time..

3.Well,about mr."la voice" what could i say more? You all know him,also better than me and you know what kind of strange human being he is..xD First he licks your ass to obtain favours,tracks,promos,and then (when you really understood which kind of person it is) he insults you..
in Italy we have a fable for children called "La volpe e l'uva" (The fox and the grape) and the meaning of this fable says that when someone doesn't arrive to reach what he wants, he said that is bad,ugly or begins to say bad words on it.. and that's exactly what mr. "la voice" did and became in these year..and not only with me... xD