foto Bad Boyz
NaamMarcel van der Braak
AliasMarcus Jones
Lid van groepBad Boyz
Genreshardstyle, jump, oldschool, tekno
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Marcel vd Braak better known as Bad Boyz is without a doubt one of Holland's finest dj's specialized in a wide range of electronic hard dance music. This Rotterdam based dj already took his first footsteps in the magical world of dj-ing in 1994 where he started spinnin' vinyls in a local youth club called "Pompei".
After a few years of developing his skills and building a versatile music collection Bad Boyz built up a considerable fan base in his home city. Soon his energetic performances, strong record choice and excellent mixing techniques were noticed by several bigger clubs and the management of the legendary venue Hollywood Music Hall asked Bad Boyz to host the new Partyplanet area of the club...

Uitgaansagenda Bad Boyz

Laatste feest was op zaterdag 19 december 2009: Planet V.I.P., TDF, Berlikum
24 oktober 2008
Foto's, Hardcore to the bone, 24 oktober 2008, Hollywood Music Hall, Rotterdam
3 november 2006
Foto's, Hardbeater, 3 november 2006, Noa, Leeuwarden
1 september 2006
Foto's, Hardbeater, 1 september 2006, Noa, Leeuwarden
10 juni 2006
Foto's, B2S rookie night, 10 juni 2006, Outland, Rotterdam
7 april 2006
Foto's, Hardbeater, 7 april 2006, Noa, Leeuwarden
17 februari 2006
Foto's, Hardbeater, 17 februari 2006, Noa, Leeuwarden
12 november 2005
Foto's, Up, 12 november 2005, Tropicana, Rotterdam
29 oktober 2005
Foto's, Hard Bass, 29 oktober 2005, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

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geniale nederlandse hardjump! Clap ya Hands!!
gers (y)

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respect man! :respect: lekker harde jump!