foto Wiseman
NaamBob Wisman
AliassenBob Wisman, Bobski, Kick D
Lid van groep2 Man en 1 Paardenkop
Bob Wisman (DJ Wiseman). A Dutch guy who celebrates this January his 15th year anniversary of being DJ. Started as House DJ in the beginning of 2000 and caught with all music influences he became allround.
He is founder of the popular "Dagverblijf" (English: "Day Care Centre") in this case the Day Care Centre for Party minded people who wants to party early and go to bed early.

With 'Dagverblijf' he settled a new concept in Amsterdam. Now, 3 years later, he formed a massive idea in party-minded Amsterdam. And soon, in the rest of Holland.

Besides that, he played at a lot of events and parties in Holland, and did a huge thing on Awakenings last year, where he dropped several Live Classic Techno Gigs.
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