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foto Psydream
NaamAna Tavares
Psydream is Ana Tavares from Oporto, Portugal, her love for music began very early, and in 2004 she started to be connected with the Trance music.
In 2005 she started going to some parties organized by friends, and her love for the trance movement began to grow, one year after she experienced the environment of the big parties and the true feeling that music brings to people.

Her first mixing experience was in 2009, just for fun, with her boyfriend Manel (Gandhabba). It was at this time that she began to realize the true pleasure of mixing and started playing in some small parties.
In 2010 she was invited to play and show her work in big events and now the joy of playing to the crowd makes part of her life.
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Party agenda Psydream
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 28 oktober 2017: Trance Orient Express, Kerk Ruigoord, Amsterdam
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