foto Fleur
NaamSarah Roulet
FunctieDJ, live act
Genresambient, IDM, techno


Fleur has fifteen years of music behind her. Since her childhood, the piano, and then a few years later, the electronic composition in which she has been bathing since her teenage years.
From her first sharing of its pieces on the web, Fleur was spotted, and was able to make her first live at the Gallery E² (Recycl'art), in Brussels.
Since then, her lives are linked in Belgium and Paris (Fuse, Transient Festival (Paris), Recycl'art, Chaff, Café Central...) her work evolves, as his personal evolution evolves, for it is certain that in the pieces of Fleur, we rediscover his obscurity, mingled with her dreams and follies. aerial, brutal kicks, and prowling progression

Uitgaansagenda Fleur

Laatste feest was op zaterdag 7 maart 2020: Intersections, FFORMATT, Brussel
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