NaamGuiliano Gronholz
Genresdrum & bass
Merikan AKA Guiliano Gronholz is a hard hitting neuro producer and DJ situated in Pozzuoli, Italy. At the age of 15 he began attending hardcore raves and immersing himself in the music scene where he developed a passion for various types of electronic dance music including psytrance, dubstep and primarily – Drum and Bass.

When he discovered his true passion for dnb it wasn't long until he felt the urge to create this kind of music himself. That's when in 2011 he would enrol on a music production and technology course at the famous Point Blank, London and where he would also cross paths and make solid friendships with Eatbrain's Disprove, along with NeuroFunkGrid resident and Leeds based producer – Cruk.
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Merikan is an endboss, saw him again at inversion being the last producer that night and it felt like i've entered a whole new party, even though other producers before him were neuro producers like Mefjus and Loadstar.­ 10/10! Can't wait to see him at Korsakov!