foto Boho
NaamLars Kohl & Matthias Seibert
FunctieDJ, groep
Genreshouse, minimal, techno


We are Boho – the new artist duo was born by Jannowitz rec. label heads Lars Kohl and Matthias Seibert, who have been truly stompin the project out of nowhere.
Focus in the project is to get the electronic music lovers united into a magical, dynamic trip from House to Techno with no musical boundaries and without being focused like everybody else in the industry by headlining sets in only one music genre.
With over 10 years of experience and nearly playing daily upto 10 hours at his long term residency in Ibiza, Matthias Seibert is well known for using acappellas in his unique way and putting his magic into a more melodic selection of tracks nowadays, without loosing soul in his sets...

Uitgaansagenda Boho

Laatste feest was op vrijdag 20 december 2019: Wntrgrnd, John Doe, Amsterdam
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