Engage Blue (foto)
NaamYosuke Hamada
Genreshardcore, industrial hardcore
SiteSite engageblue.com
Engage Blue, japanese extreme sound project by Yosuke Hamada.
At the age of 15, he began to make variety of music such as Rock, Trance and Ambient Techno.
In 2009, he heard the first hardcore track "DJ D - Imagine (when I found you)" by chance, since then he was fascinated by hardcore and decided to pour his energy into making hardcore music.
He kept on updating himself and taught himself a lot from the frontline of hardcore music scene, which led him finally release his production from Red Fever Recordings (NL) in 2012 Nov.
Afterward he started to perform live/DJ and appeared on japanese hardcore music scene.
In 2014, he began different projects that focused on several extreme genres...
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