Freeskysound (foto)
NaamDavid Hellinga
Genresdrum & bass
Freeskysound is the new artist name of David Hellinga, formerly known as Demone. He's a member of the Mad Sample Squad a live drum and bass act from Leeuwarden, which existed from 1995 till approx. 2005. Members of the Mad Sample Squad included Demone aka D. Hellinga, Nsayn aka D. vd Bijl and Damaze aka R. Rinzema (R.I.P.). They are the pioneers of drum & bass in the northern part of the Netherlands as described in the book 'Rûge Gids Van De Friese Popmuziek' (Rough Guide Of Frisian Pop Music). Mc's and turntablists who worked with the group: mc Baldah (Jah Sound Int. ), mc Lil' Kaspr (G-Town Madness), Turntablists Milton and dj Irie.
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