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Gangthelabel a.k.a Belgium's Finest is one of the most promising independent up and coming Hiphop collectives to be putting on for Europe. Most notable for having lots of style and plenty of women, apart from having a resume with venues such as Pukkelpop, Lokerse Feesten, and serving support for major artists such as Travis Scott, Big Sean, Chance The Rapper & Kid Ink. Formed by members Dries "Pretty Boy Dro" Ovemeire (20), Aswin "95 Kuston" Van de Cotte (21) & Dennis "Syzzurp" Pimenta (22), the trio came trough last winter with their standout debut mixtape called "Muzik", which has already proven to be a very solid piece of artwork packed with variability and creativity, promising nothing but greatness beholding their future.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 4 augustus 2017: Dance D-Vision, Bevegemse Vijvers, Zottegem
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