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NaamDavid Wyffels
Genresbass, urban
Started out as local talent and picked up by greater DJ's like Krizz & Black frank, he managed to level up in the game and learn more about music and the night life.

After skimming a few local parties with DJ Rakka, he soon started out looking for what's out there in the night life.
So, the DJ's first residency started at Bar a Bar (Oudenaarde) in the year 2010. At this club he invited DJ's like Black Frank, Davidov, Neon, Krizz, and more to play longside him.

To create more opportunities DJ VIDE moved to Ghent and started a few concepts in the popular nightclubs at the moment like Klub XIII where he invited famous DJ's like Willie Wartaal (NL), Ephonk (Coely's Tour DJ), TLP, and many more..
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 14 juli 2018: Hype-O-Dream, Hippodroom, Waregem
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