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FunctieDJ, groep
Genresdeephouse, EDM, future house, house, nu disco, progressive trance
wo DJ's playing for the love of music! That is how CHADE and MARVIN SHADEX describe themselves.

CHADE is a sports teacher and an international model starring in commercials on television, magazines and newspapers. He is also to be seen on various catwalks across Europe and has collaborated with famous fashion designers like Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, John Galliano and many more...

MARVIN is a freelance Business Resilience and Crisis Management Consultant. In 2002 he was 2nd Runner Up of Mr. Belgium. During that show he demonstrated his artist skills. Later he became part of a boys band called Shortcut. They signed a record deal with EMI MUSIC Belgium. They decided to spit after releasing 2 singles.
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