NaamJoeri Kapers
Geboortedatum1 november
Genresclub, deephouse, nu disco, retro, techhouse
Born, November 1st, 1990'
at a town called Dendermonde(BE)
As a young boy Joeri Kapers, accompanied his older brother in the nightlife, where soon the House music fever got it's spell on him.
From the age 14 till 24, he practiced day in and day out, his passion for music, by Deejaying and Producing his own music.
And played at several 'well known' local bars, starting to make name for himself.
In 2015' he decided to aim at the next level, which he did, by changing his name, up until now with overwhelming succes.
Playing at the most respected Clubs and House Concepts of the Belgian Nightlife, Such as La Rocca / Carré / BOCCA / The Factory .... and concepts such as Cafeina / Deep House Concepts / Straight outta your Club /...
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