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15-12-2012 Begonnen hier op flock als recensent.
Feedback is altijd welkom, mits met respect natuurlijk.
Voorheen voor Fear.FM en TW-M geschreven. Beide sites zijn al langere tijd off-line.

A techno-diary My moment of Insanity

Eternal force - Jumping and Pumping
Electronic Storm - Shocking hobby
Rehabilitation therapy - Doctors insanity
Sinners and saints - The world upside down

Outer space - Between four walls
Mass communication - Hypnotic air
Flashing, splashing - Massive energy
Sleeping beauty - Awoken morning

Divine inspiration - Chaos and creation
Optical illusion - Sound confusing
Endless views - Memories fading
Experiencing - Remembering

Mental delight - Stimulating sub-consciousness
High awareness being - Floating in emptiness
Quiet noises - Silent screams
Momentarily sanity - Back to reality
Psychological breakthrough - Or accessing ease of mind
The blessed poison - Of eternal bliss

Cocaine, heroine - Cocktail with water
XTC, LSD - Brain insane
Valium, Prozac - Drugstore or discotheque
A trip of a tranquilliser - Or just an energiser

Reciprocating neurotic chewing - Or an intensely smiling chupa chup
Strong like red bull - Vitalised by a herbaliser XI

Top or down - Left or right
Spinning cycles - Endless moves

Fog my mind - Blind of pleasure
Filled with joy - Wild excitement
Tickling ears - Heavenly sounds surround
Dream theme flowing - Last tune expending

Definition of past - Fast, forward - the future
Technological revolution - Evolving movement
Pure escapism - A new urban society
Undefined membership - Equality control

Always there when needed - Never far away
Worldwide innovating - Contributing culture
One is none - And all are one
Intimate thrust - In an unknown family

Life between - Time is gone
Love it, live it - T-E-C-H-N-O