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NaamDj Cash
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Dj Cash is one of the few remaining "old=school" mixers, he got his mixing skills using tape recorders and vinyl. In later days he also
started using cd's and eventually mp3's. He started mixing in the early 90's, inspired by legends like Ben Liebrand, Dj Garry Krasovec,
and Dj Deep. He is notorious for his 'bootleg' (studio-)mixing style, featuring up to 100 tracks in a 30-minute mix.

In the 90's Cash started out as resident dj in a locally notorious youth center known as Meetpoint. After Meetpoint closed it's doors,
Cash created mixtapes in the same style ("The Magic Sound of Meetpoint"). This caught the attention of the people at International
Dance Promotion (IDP, back then the biggest dj organisation in the BeNeLux) who offered him a place in their crew.

Since IDP was also the Dutch branch of Disco Mix Club (DMC, the biggest dj organisation in the world), he started working on many
international DMC events between 1996 and 2004. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in Germany, France, U.K., and United States.
In that period he became friends with dj Garry Krasovec, and got in touch with artists like Damae (Fragma) and Dj Deep (DeepDance).

Cash is also a member of a creative community 'Umbrea Sunt Communis' ( Together they have set up many creative
projects including jingles and mixes for online radiostations. Since his time with IDP/DMC, Cash has focused mainly on studio work for
USC, his live/stage performances are rare. He is known most of all for his yearmixes, which have fans in many countries.

His "Mix by Mix" yearmix series (1980 - 2020) is the longest running online yearmix series in Dutch history. They got him the nickname
"Meezenbroeks Favourite Megamixer", refering to the name of the area where his studio is located. In 2018 he and the crew at USCworld
received a YouTube award, and in 2020 he set an Official World Record with 1245 tracks in one mix.

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